Suddenly dying chicks - 3 still alive

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    Jul 24, 2011
    Help! We're super new to having chickens in our back yard. I'm unsure of their specific bread, tho they are all rocks of some variety (I believe). They are 4 weeks old, we've had them since they hatched (under mama) They've been in the house, in the super hot and humid porch, doing just fine, eating regular old chick starter. We moved them to their coop 5 days ago, with no issue. All of the sudden, yesterday, we lost 3, boom boom boom. One was gone when I got home (after a morning away), my husband went to bury her and another was gone, went to get all the others to move into the run and another was on her way out. Now we are down from 6 to 3. The rest are sort of huddled together. I'm not seeing any bloody stool, looks pretty normal. We've checked their butts, too, not blocked or anything. We're at a loss of what to do with the last 3. Any advice would be appreciated. [​IMG]

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    Worms can cause infections that can lead to death so it might be that they need worming.. 1 spoon of white wine vinegar to 1 litre of water will do it or you can buy special powders for their food from most farm shops.
    Hope this helps.
    Daisy. xx

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