Suddenly Silent Hens


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11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
I have two hens that ordinarily make quite a bit of noise but starting about a week ago they stopped making noise all together and have stopped laying eggs. They appear healthy otherwise. Any guesses?
My guess is they are getting ready to molt. It's that time of year...
That is exactly the way one of my sexlink is doing and I haven't saw the roo go to her either and she was one of the favorites. She is about 30 wks, so about 7 months. I didn't think they molted until they were over a yr. old. This is our first time with chickens so I am probably wrong on that, just thought I read it somewheres.
So, tell us all you old timers:
, what is going on with our little girls?
thanks so much,
Really, that is reassuring to know. I just wasn't expecting them to so young. She doesn't seem to be loosing feathers. Just how does this process go, I keep seeing naked chickens running around in my mind.I know that's probably not how it will be, at least I hope not! Any info on molting anyone?

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