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    Can anybody tell me if suet cakes for wild birds would be ok treats for my chickes ages 3 weeks to 7 weeks old? I did buy some made for chickens from TS but the ones for wild bird have so many varieties example peanut butter with corn, or sunflowerseeds, wild bird seed and peanutbutter, almost all are peanut butter base. Has anybody used them or peanut butter for treats? I am introducing some toys in the runs to help with introducing new chicks to the group. All coments welcome. I did read the thread on here about suet cakes but nobody mentioned peanut butter.....
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    The suet for wild birds that I have is 30% fat and only 4% protein. I would not feed to chickens of any age. I don't know what the fat and protein level is for peanut based suet. Growing chicks should not get treats of any kind for at least 8 weeks. They need 18% to 20% protein start & grow feed for 10 weeks, then a 15% to 18% protein till 16 to 18 weeks old. If you are going to feed them treats starting at 8 weeks, go for a minimum 18% protein feed and limit treats like scratch grains to no more than they can consume in 10 to 15 minutes twice a day.
    I feed only layers feed and scratch grains made for chickens and chopped grass, with oyster shell and granite grit on the side. I get 12 dozen eggs a month from "5" 27 week old pullets. Proper nutrition and clean water equals lot's of eggs. GC
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  3. I would not recommend feeding that to your Birds at any age..Way too high in fat...Age appropriate feed and granite grit in a separate bowl..Treats should only be 5% of daily ration...I give my Birds a treat once or twice a week...


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