Suffering with severe heel pain. Anyone else in my boat? Bad pain day


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I suffer from chronic heel pain and have for about 13 years now. It started after I got out of Basic Training. I was discharged after Basic due to severe blistering of my feet, and the stupid medic cut the blisters off, leaving them to infection, and an extremely long, and painful healing process. Less than a year after I was back home, the pain started, first in my right heel. It would get so bad that I almost couldn't walk at all, and it would feel like someone was hammering a nail the size of a railroad tie through my heel. Then the pain started in my left heel as well. So I went to my doctor (I had insurance at that time), and he said it was nothing major, that I had tinitis in my heels, and I would be fine. So I have gone on with my life. The pain eventually began to ease in my left heel, but it has done nothing but worsen over the years in my right heel. The longer I stand or walk, the more crippling the pain becomes. I can no longer wear shoes unless I heavily pad them. Today was an especially had day. Because I have to shift my weight with the pain, I am feeling more pain in my right knee and hip too. If I stretch my toes back toward my knee, I feel a horrible burning and it's red hot, and the pain is terrible. I know that means a ligament is affected. I don't have insurance, but I suspect that if the pain gets any worse, or the pain in my knee and hip start to get worse, I think I am going to end up needing knee surgery. I already have nerve damage and a host of other health problems, but it's really rather depressing when the pain just doesn't fade. My daughter has magic hands and she will rub my heel to ease the pain, and she tried to massage it tonight and I was in tears, and that was AFTER taking ibuprofen! The pain some days just feels like it's too much. I'm just having a bad, painful day, and I needed to get it off my chest. I hurt so much all the time. I don't know what to do about it, or if there is anything that I even CAN do about it. If I can get insurance, I know cortisone shots may be a possibility. Sorry if I sound like a whiner, I'm just hurting so much today. Yesterday it was my hands that ached so bad it actually took my mind off my foot for awhile. I have two severe forms of nerve damage in my hands, carpal tunnel and another one I can't spell, but it's DeQuervon's Tinicinovitis. Affects both major nerves of the hands. As well as a Ganglion cyst on my left wrist, and not the fluid filled kind either. So my hands were hurting yesterday, and today, my heel is killing me. Just needed to get that off my chest as I sit here and cry from the pain.


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Not sure if this will help but you might try buying a pair of "Crocks" shoes. I developed really bad heal pain and every time I went to the Podiatrist they would give me shots and a new diagnosis even though it was the same office. I was given heal cups and orthotics to wear in my shoes and nothing helped. I would put my feet up to lesson the pain and then when I put them down again it hurt worse than before). Then one day I read an article about Crocks and that they have helped people with foot problems (or hoof problems as mine are called sometimes 'cause I have big feet). So anyhow I bought them (the real ones not the cheap knock-offs 'cause there is a difference). I figured it was worth a try and cheaper than the $250.00 I was spending everytime I went to the Podiatrist. Well, it didn't seem like it was that long before I noticed a difference and my heels don't hurt anymore. My DH also began having a problem with his shins and heels hurting in the morning, which we contributed to walking on the tile floors. So he also got a pair of Crocks that he wears in the house and no more problems for him either. Now we tell everyone, get some Crocks and get off the tile or hard floors. Maybe it would work for you too.


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Your heel pain is largely due to a shortening and tightening of the Achilles tendon, which encases your calf muscles and ends in an attachment to your heel. Wraps right around the heel actually. Different shoes can help but you can also help yourself tremendously in another way. It's really going to hurt at first, but it's the only real permanent help for this type of thing.

Take a brisk walk~like you are in a hurry to get somewhere~for about 30 minutes each day. Make sure you are stepping from heel to toe with each step and actually push off with the ball of your foot, deeply flexing your calf muscles with each step. This will develop your calf muscles, thinning out the tendon sheath, thereby lengthening the Achilles and easing the pull and pressure on your heels. It's going to feel like murder the first few times, but you will see an improvement in a matter of days, if you are truly trying to flex those calf muscles with your push off.

If you cannot spare 30 min. a day, then consciously start walking heel to toe with a deep push off the ball of your foot where ever you DO store, to the mailbox, around the house. Anything that develops those calf muscles will ease the tightness of your Achilles.

I have a suspicion that the way one has to walk while wearing Crocs is a contributing factor to their help with plantar fasciitis.

For the Carpal Tunnel? Try this simple stretch as often as you can. Extend your arm, palm up. Grasp your fingers with the opposite hand and pull down on the fingers and bend them back towards your elbow until you feel the muscles and tendons on the extended arm start to streeeeeeeetch. Repeat with other arm. As often as you think about it.

I had two different docs tell me I would have to have surgery to end my carpal tunnel....had one massage therapist show me this stretch and I haven't had any pain or symptoms since keeping this in my health regimen. Same with the plantar fasciitis.

Try it~it's freeeeeee!

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I had two different docs tell me I would have to have surgery to end my carpal tunnel....had one massage therapist show me this stretch and I haven't had any pain or symptoms since keeping this in my health regimen. Same with the plantar fasciitis.

I second what beekissed said. It sounds like plantar fasciitis, and while surgery is often recommended most people find major improvement from physical therapy, esp stretching and massage. You can do much of that on your own.

I had constant knee pain, it was getting to be very restrictive. I met a PT person who told me I simply needed to stretch my thigh muscles out each morning. I thought she was crazy since two doctors had told me I would need surgery. She was right. Within a few days of starting the stretches I was seeing improvement - within a few weeks I had no pain at all. Good Luck!​

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Rather than going to a regular doctor, you need to see someone that specialized in foot problems. This could be a podiatrist or it could be an MD or OD. The stretching and exercises are much like what you would get from physical therapy, and if your insurance covers it, would be a good start. Since this began during basic training, and you can document how it has progressed over the years, you should visit your local VA and 1) apply for medical benefits through them and 2) apply for disability due to a service related injury.


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It sounds like Planter Fascitis (or however you spell it!) I had it too and it's a booger to get rid of. I also had carpal Tunnel surgery and am so glad I did. AND I have the ganglion cysts in the wrist as well so I know how you feel.

Stretching your calves is very important and helps alot but only if you are regular with it. Stretch the foot too. Stand on the stairs with the ball of your feet on and the heels hanging off and lower yourself as far as you can comfortably and hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. Do this throughout the day. It won't hurt to stretch your hamstrings either. Tight hamstrings are responsible for many knee pains. Really.

Also get a few cans of peas or beans and take the label off and pop them in the freezer. When they are frozen roll your foot over them firmly back and forth for 5-20 minutes (be careful not to get frostbite by leaving it too long or in place) Do that several times a day.
Get yourself some Dansko shoes. Those are the best. They feel funny at first but they work. And they are spendy but worth it.
As for the carpal tunnel. A good hand brace helps and good posture especially when sitting at the computer.
The cysts. Mine are going away finally and I don't know why. Tried to do the Bible blast thing and it didn't work LOL Poor DH felt so bad.
Ice those too and keep the ice moving. I get dixie cups and freeze water about 3/4 full and then peel them down some to ice whatever needs icing.
OK and this is going to sound off the wall, but it won't hurt you and it really helps me and many others with pain. I eat a few pieces of Candied Ginger 3 times a day. It helps with certain forms of arthritis and inflamation. Also Turmeric is another good one. I put it in my eggs. But the ginger works. An old lady told me about it years ago, and I didn't believe it until I tried it. My DH can't take ibruprophen so he also takes the ginger. I buy it bulk at Winco. Capsules might work too. That is why the Orientals use it in so many dishes, they know the benefits and it tastes good.
Good luck, hope some of this helps.


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Sheesh I had that too! But they didn't drain it. I iced it too. Mine was from having too much muscle in the quads and not working out the other parts of my legs better.

I had to work the inner and outer thighs more, stretch and be very careful not to do anything (going up and down stairs) that tweaked it. So I would walk sideways up and down and rotate which side to go sideways with each time I would go up and down the stairs.

It still took about 1 year to get rid of. Now at the slightest inclination I pay attention and do what needs to be done to make it stop.

I bought a excersize ball and use that for the inner thighs. Lie on your back and place it between your legs and squeeze as long as you can and do that about 10 times and rest. Repeat the whole set 2 more times. (Work up to that or you will be sore!)

The gym has better machines for it though. So many women don't understand how important lifting weights are. They are. I just went to a specialist for some advice and guess what she said? Lift weights. Go figure! I used to all the time and stopped because I got busy. But I need to just make the time--
Cardio is great too, but it can't replace lifting weights. We won't end up like the Arnold--our bodies can only do what genetically they are able to do.

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