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    I have a lot of sugar cookie recipes, but does anyone have one that I can use to cut thicker cookies that will not puff up . . .like the ones you see at WM that are decorated. The ones I make have to be rolled to 1/4" thin and they are so delicate, I would like to try to find something a little "tougher" but still taste good.
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    I'd do test batches and cut the baking soda by 1/4 each time.

    That is make a whole batch of cookie dough w/o Baking Soda then devide the recipie into quarters and devide the backing soda the same way.

    batch A (100% soda)
    batch B (75% soda)
    batch C (50% soda)
    batch D (25% soda)

    Use food coloring in each batch (different colors) so when they are cooked you can tell them apart.

    If they are inedible give them to the chickens, otherwise eat the mistakes.
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    yes I have exactly that recipe! it's in a really old cook book, I will look it up for you in the morning.

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