Suggested chicken breeds


Mar 10, 2018
i am not getting any any time soon cause currently I have to move to my house,but on the other hand I will be getting some probably in may we should be moved in by end of April or middle or beginning of may.I currently have Cochin bantams,Black sexlinks,New Hampshire reds,mixed breeds,barred rocks,Rirs,Easter eggers but definitely will be getting more only have one,a bantam who’s breed I’m unsure of,a production silver lace Wyandotte and I think that’s all.

I want something new,and defiantly of bigger breed,Thought about the jersey giants and Brahmanas but know nothing about them,but would like insight and even more suggestions
Apart from "bigger", what are your requirements and expectations for the new birds? Would you like good layers, good temperaments, eye candy?
Talked about buckeyes and jersey giants,but I heard buckeyes are gonna be harder and more expensive to find
Do you have enough space in coop and run? At least 4 s.f. in coop and 10 s.f. in run required per bird. Check out Henderson's chicken breed's chart to help you with your selection. a lot depends on what is available when you are ready to receive them.
Yes I’m building a whole new building extra large and extra more roosts.Im building to my run.
Brahmanas are defiantly going to happen because my moms obsessed with the size and the look of them just ingenerel was enough to eat her attention
I have had Australorps and Buff Orpingtons that are pretty big as hens and lay great sized eggs. Not sure if you plan on roosters, but my BO roo was about 24" tall and my Australorp is around that too and he's not yet a year. Both are beautiful birds and very eye catching to mix in with a flock. BO are a beautiful golden color and the Aussies have an iridescent coloring of green, blue and purple over their black feathers. My Aussies lay daily - BO not daily. Both have great personalities, smart, brave, friendly, and are good with me, kids and my dogs (including the roos).
Good Luck! :D
Wouldn’t mind another one or two roosters,I can always build a stag pen.As far as what I’m getting definitely considering Faverolles,jersey giants,and thanks to Chelsea buffs because I forgot all about them,and Brahmans.Considering size probably gonna get just ten or chicks even though I probably have the space.

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