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    I live in a small town (Saint Michael,MN) in Saint Michael we are not allowed any "farm" animals which includes backyard chickens.... I contacted the zoning department in city hall and was told there was no way to change this law, I also sent a letter to the city councel who wrote back and said they would not change any laws... I do have 6 hens and 3 ducks... my neighbors LOVE them so I know no body will call me in, but I just think its so silly of a law what can I do to try and change it? I would REALLY like to incubate some peachicks and keep one but know thats impossible with these silly laws in place.

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    Quote:You need to find lots of like-minded tax paying citizens. A grass-roots movement can be a powerful force in instituting change.
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    it isn't neighbors that you worry about it is city employees having a bad day and telling...

    any law can be changed...especially if folks start voting other folks into office...
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    After reviewing your city's zoning ordinance, I think you are out of luck unless you purchase 4 or more acres or move into the county. Keep in mind that in farm rich areas like yours, there is a great desire to keep the country out of the city and the city out of the country. In other words there are appropriate places for raising livestock and it is on bigger farm-type lots. Also there are places to have nice quiet country life, but not be involved in farming and that is in the city.

    St. Michael's zoning ordinance states about amending the regulations:
    It is the policy of the city that the enforcement, amendment, and administration of this chapter be accomplished with due consideration of the recommendations contained in the Comprehensive Plan as developed and amended from time-to-time by the City Council of the city.

    You need to check the Comprehensive Plan to see if you can justify an amendment.

    The city seems to be fairly rural and prides itself in farming within the city. Their zoning regulations on animals and livestock are way more descriptive than most counties regulations. Keep in mind Minnesota, regulates most livestock operations as "Feedlots." A feedlot in Minnesota is not even close to what we define a feedlot as here in Nebraska. If you have four or more acres in town, you can have livestock including poultry, but then you could be subject to the county's feedlot regulations. Oh and don't have more than two dogs. I copied and pasted the city's animals regulations and put applicable language in bold.

    § 155.070 ANIMALS.

    (A) Definitions. For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

    AGRICULTURAL USE. The use of land for the growing and/or production of field crops, livestock, and livestock products for the production of income including, but not limited to, the following:

    (1) Field crops, including: barley, soybeans, corn, hay, oats, potatoes, rye, sorghum, and sunflowers;

    (2) Livestock, including: dairy and beef cattle, goats, horses, sheep, hogs, poultry, game birds, and other animals such as ponies, deer, and mink;

    (3) Livestock products, including: milk, butter, cheese, eggs, fur, and honey.


    (1) A unit of measure used to compare differences in the production of animal waste which has as a standard the amount of waste produced on a regular basis by a slaughter steer or heifer.

    (2) For purposes of these regulations, the following equivalents apply. Equivalents for other animals shall be defined by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

    Animal Animal Units

    One slaughter steer or

    heifer (all cattle) 1.0

    One mature dairy cow 1.4

    One swine over 55 pounds .4

    One sheep .1

    One turkey .018

    One chicken .01

    One duck .02

    One horse 1.0

    (B) Livestock and other animals.

    (1) In all zoning districts livestock, poultry, and farm animals shall not be allowed on any lots or parcels smaller than four acres. On lots larger than four acres in the A-1, A-2, R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, I-1, and C-1 zoning districts, animals shall be allowed at a maximum density of .50 animal unit per acre. These restrictions shall not apply to normal farm operations existing prior to the adoption of this chapter. Livestock shall include those animals listed in division (A)(2) above under the definition of “agricultural use.”

    (2) In the zoning districts identified in division (B)(1) above, on parcels over four acres in size, animals and the permitted animal density shall be governed by any applicable Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regulation and Wright County’s feedlot ordinance as may be amended from time to time.

    (3) Any building where livestock, farm animals and poultry are kept and is registered as a feedlot shall be setback a distance of 100 feet from the property line or road easement and shall conform to the setbacks listed in § 155.071. All nonregistered feedlot buildings shall be 50 feet from any property line or road easement, except in no case shall it be located less than 150 feet to any adjacent residential dwelling unit. These regulations shall not apply to normal farm operations which existed prior to the adoption of this chapter provided no expansion shall take place except in accordance with these regulations.

    (4) In all zoning districts, the manure from livestock and domestic pets shall be properly treated and disposed of with best management practices and shall not be allowed to accumulate in any manner which may cause public health problems.

    (5) The keeping of more than two dogs on any parcel for any reason shall be deemed a kennel. Kennels are permitted only to those holding a kennel license.

    (Ord. 110, passed 11-15-97; Am. Ord. 115, passed 3-24-98; Am. Ord. 0605, passed 7-25-06; Am. Ord. 0807, passed 10-14-08) Penalty, see § 155.999


    Animals; dogs; number permitted on one premises, see § 90.12

    You can find more at$3.0$vid=amlegal:stmichael_mn$anc=

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