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    So our 4 ducklings are almost a month old and are still staying in a 50 gallon rubbermaid tub with a lamp at night. During the day I put them in a large wire dog kennel but even that is getting cramped. Eventually they are going to be free range during the day and locked up at night so I have a 10x10x6ft tall chain link kennel being delivered today. My question is,

    1. WHat is the best setup in the pen? Like, obviously they need some sort of shelter, so do you have a coop or a dog house or what inside the pen?

    2. I know ducks poop a lot. I've learned that in the past month. I currently have their tub lined with puppy pads and topped with pine shavings. So what do I do in the floor of the pen? And how often do I clean it out? Daily? Weekly?

    I would greatly appreciate any tips or pointers as these are our first ducks! Pictures would be great, too!
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    I have a 10X10 Dog Run and an insulated Dog House too. It works great..
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