Suggestions for bear & other predator resistant run.

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  1. The previous occupant of my home built the coop & run I plan to use for my chickens. The coop seems decently built, while the run seems flimsy & cheaply built. Any suggestions/ideas on how to improve the run? Picture may be helpful. Thanks in advance!


    Edited to add: Difficult to see in the pic, the sides & top are currently covered in 1" chicken wire.
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    Looks to be chicken wire which is fine for keeping chickens contained but wont stop predators. An easy solution is to run a few strands of polywire to a fencer. If no electric to area then fencers can be purchased that run off car or marine batteries. They require recharging once a week and long term solution is to complete the battery with a solar panel and regulator. Plastic standoffs are inexpensive and hold the wire off the run, are nailed to run.

    Inexpensive products needed to install polywire with gate handles. The fencer is to yoru needs and all of these things can be purchased at a local feed store or TSC or shop online for better deals if you can find them. .5 joule is plenty of charge for a fencer. That's what I use for the chicken fence, food not left in run will not attract bears. If your really needing to keep bear back I use a 1 joule fencer for my bee hives.
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