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Apr 17, 2013

I have 5 hens that are approximately 1.5 yrs old. They have been doing great from birth until now, laying approximately 1 egg each a day. I have noticed over the past week that every time I go to collect eggs instead of the normal solid stool I have been seeing, I have noticed diarrhea, loose, and some explosive stool. They have plenty of food, flock block, chicken scratch once a day, fresh water, and clean coop. The coop is surrounded by electric wire to keep unwanted guests away. I know that loose and diarrhea type stool is typically caused from stress but I cannot think of anything I am doing wrong to cause stress. I went to gather eggs this morning and found this extremely small egg. Any suggestions??? Maybe illness?? Maybe mites?? The hens are not lethargic and not acting abnormal. This is no feather loss, or obvious signs of distress. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!!
Welcome to BYC! You should think about a worming program, that might help with the loose stools. I use Safeguard/Panacur, liquid or paste (fenbendazole 10%) at 50mg/kg by mouth and repeat in ten days. You can find it in the horse or cattle/goat section of TSC. The wormer in the chicken section, Wazine (piperazine), only kills roundworms.

The small egg *could * be a sign that she's going to have some egg laying issues. I'd be willing to bet that it only has egg white in it. Keep an eye on that one and maybe give her a 500mg calcium pill.

From Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook

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