Suggestions for what breed is this rooster!


5 Years
Mar 1, 2018
Dade City, Florida
This gent was given to me with another one to complement my flock. It turned out at that time I thought all of my chicks were pullets. But, one of them turned out to be a rooster and therefor I ended with one to many of them. He has been caged to keep him safe from being pecked to death by the other roosters. (He is at the bottom of a pecking order here.)

He is healthy, strong, young, about a year old, and needs his own flock to be king over. Problem is I can’t say exactly what breed is he. The person that gave him to me said he is an araucana. Blue legs, colors of feathers etc. But he could also be a RIR? Although I think he lacks in size.

Here are some pictures. His comb is
falling to one side since last time I tried to integrate him to the rest of the flock. Even the male guinea hens were attacking him. I found him in a corner of the yard hiding his head.

Any input from professionals are greatly appreciated.
Looks like a Brown Red Ameraucana to me as well. Although his abnormally large comb could indicate some crossing in his heritage or just poor genetics.

He looks nothing like a RIR though.
I think he is a mutt or cross between an Easter Egger/Ameracuna and another breed. He is similar to mine mutt (which is easter egger/jersey giant cross).

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The OP's bird has a nice full beard which is correct for the breed though. Yours does not. There is no way to know for sure its a pure Ameraucana but it has all the correct traits.

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