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Aug 24, 2019
Hello all,
I am new to raising chickens, just started 6 months ago. We have Buckeyes, Barred Rock and one Delaware. The Delaware was a surprise - she was inadvertently included in our order and we did not discover her breed until she was a little older. She is actually my favorite chicken, curious, friendly and funny. We recently lost a couple hens and I am looking to replace them and trying to decide whether I want to get Delawares or a different breed. I have done some research and found mixed reviews of Delawares, wondering if we just got lucky with the temperament of ours. I do not want more Buckeyes as they are rather high strung and flighty, they also like to fly out of the coop. Wondering if anyone else has Delawares and what your experience has been. What other breeds would you recommend? I am looking for something that is very friendly, preferrably lays larger eggs and does not like to fly. Thanks!


Jul 16, 2017
La Crosse, WI
I like my wyandottes, they’re friendly and lay lots of eggs. I also like orpingtons, but they have a high feed to egg ratio. I haven’t had any experience with delawares, maybe someone who has will come along?

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Welcome! I didn't love my Delawares, and do love Speckled Sussex, French Marans, and Easter Eggers. In cold climates, Chanteclers are great.
Information about your general location will help!
Get more Delawares and see what you think! There are so many breed choices, just pick some and try them!
Henderson's breed chart is helpful, and the poultry catalog pictures, and feathersite.


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Apr 15, 2015
it depends I think more on the individual, My Rhode Island whites are nice and calm, I chose them as they are threatened on the Animal Conservancy so I keep them seperate from my main mixed flock, list but tolerate being penned up. My rhode Island Reds and Easter Eggers are escape artists, Orpingtons are a super mellow chicken but tend to get picked on if you have an more aggressive hen

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Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
If large eggs are important to you then Delawares are great. Get more of them since its your favorite out of what you are already have. Mine turned out to be low quality by Delaware standards but still one of my largest eggs comes from my sole surviving Delaware. Most of mine died young due to a combination of bad luck and poor choices on my part. The one female that survived to lay eggs is a nice lady who causes no problems. Others that lay large eggs that I have had experience with might not be docile although someone suggested Orpingtons and that's a pretty good bird for what you are looking for. My Orpingtons were high strung but I have seen others with Orpingtons and most often than not they are calm birds that could easily become lap birds. Black and Red Sex Links are really nice if you are not looking for a stunningly beautiful bird. They tend to lay really well and have larger than average eggs. Out of all the different types of sex links I found ISA Browns to be the friendliest. I got rid of them because I do not like overly friendly birds. They had very large eggs and laid 6 eggs a week or 13 eggs every 2 weeks. They also followed me around where ever I went which got annoying since I work in my back yard.

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