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    My little 6 week old Wynter had something happen to him. I'm not sure what. None of my other birds have any kind of injuries. This little boy has a tough boy attitude and I have seen him try to stand up to the other adults a couple times. His Mama is not very protective so I'm wondering if he possibly threatened the wrong adult. I'm at a loss of what to do for him. He's acting almost normal and I only noticed it because he turned his head just right when I was standing there. I brought him in and cleaned it up, there was almost no blood. I also sprayed blue kote all over it. It's not like a gash but almost like bare muscle. Looks kinda like something grabbed a chunk of his feathers and ripped the skin off with it. I have him back to his mother for now but I'm not sure if I should bring him in, or let her care for him. He's not exactly the "people type". Here are the pictures.
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    It looks like it could have been sliced open by a nail or sharp object also, but pecking may have been what caused it. I would clean it with diluted betadine or chlorhexadine. Hydrogen peroxide would also be alright, just used only once or twice. Coat the wound with antibiotic ointment such as plain Neosporin, and apply twice a day until it heals. I would keep him and his mother separated from the rest, even if just by a little fenced off area, or in a cage until some healing has occurred. Then the BluKote should be used to disguise it.
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    Or just use vetericyn

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