Suggestions on pest control with other livestock around?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by farm-gal91, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Sep 28, 2012
    Has anyone had any luck with using moth balls to deter unwanted pests? If so, what kind did you use? Any other suggestions of pest control? I have livestock such as horses that could potentially get near the chicken pen so nothing that would harm a grazing animal. We installed a motion light but I'm not 100% convinced that will deter them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My grandmother had chickens in the coop previously that were killed by an unknown animal [​IMG] (probably weasel where I live).
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    Until recently we kept game chickens in horse barns with horses. At some barns dogs were present making so effectively no loss to predators. In barns without dogs raccoons would sometimes go after brooding hens and birds roosting low, sometimes even in when birds in stall with horse. Red fox would also go after chickens in paddock but some horses would give fox hard time apparently out of fun. Horses not reliable poultry guardians as they sometimes also stepped / rolled on hens and chicks in stalls.

    Avoid use of poisons around livestock. Radios and flickering lights are not effective long-term as some predators get used to such.

    Once you are in realm of larger livestock, have a medium sized farm dog sleep out in barn. Most such dogs will be able to repell pretty much anything and if not will alert you to something being amiss. Also, lots of predators lose courage when a dog is in company of larger livestock.
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    I have a dog. Best thing ever to guard. You could also purchase live traps. For mice, LIVE traps are best, because you will not harm your other animals. Or a cat. :D

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