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Jun 1, 2008
I know I said I was staying away from this area of the forum, but I need suggestions please!!! I have a POD, and I am behind in my payments(economy). Well today they emptied my bank account in 2 transactions. They forced them through, I did not authorize these at all. I went food shopping and couldn't get my food, which is how I found out. I called and they are trying to tell me that I was enrolled in auto pay, I have never been signed up for auto pay, ever. I told the woman if it was auto pay then my payments would have come out on the bill date correct? She said yes. So I told her to look as I have been a couple days late before. I told her I have 6 kids and need my money and they stole it. They just took the card I paid with previously and charged whole amounts. What is my recourse?? They told me that it will take them 48-72 hours to get back to me. What am I supposed to do this weekend. Dh is 2 states away at a school for the military because he is getting deployed soon. He can't even get gas to get home. I am furious! I have to go to my bank and tell them the charges are fraudulent. What can I do to PODS? Call the BBB? Anyone have any experience with this? All suggestions welcome....


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Jun 26, 2008
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sorry for your troubles!

the BBB cannot do anything to help you, they only take reports and keep track of things.

your bank may be able to help you, but it sounds like it is going to come down to the company that authorized the transactions to pony up. unfortunately, this is the silly price we pay for convenience. so frustrating, i am sure.

my prayers are with you and i thank you for being a mom who sacrifices for my freedom. God bless you and keep you!

can you get legal presence? ask the BBB for contingent counsel or call local news channel that can recommend help. also, the military may be able to help you with free counsel, i am pretty sure. get on the phone and get help right away.
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First of all, go to the bank and dispute the charges. That will get the ball rolling. It shouldn't take more than 24 hours to release the money back to you. Then, I would contact the police. What they did is illegal and they can be arrested for it. Bunch a loser!!!!


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Jul 27, 2008
Yeah, if you didnt have auto pay as an option, it has to be illegal what they did!!


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Jun 1, 2008
POD, is actually PODS. It is an on-site storage container. I talked to my bank, will know what happens tomorrow. I also cancelled my debit card so they can't take any more money without my approval. I talked to their *accounting* division and they told me I owe the money, period. I told them that is not the card that I gave them(I used it to make a payment 2-3 times) for these charges. They just went into my account and pulled up this card and used it. I hope the bank doesn't pay them.


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POD, is that a storage thing you are talking about? Get to the bank and dispute as said earlier. Were you able to do that today?

Oh, you posted as I was typing. Good luck!!
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If you didn't provide them with a signed agreement for automatic withdrawals (check your paperwork) and didn't authorize their use of your debit card, I would think your bank could refuse the payment. If you didn't authorize that payment it's fraud.

Good luck!

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