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  1. sma200

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    Oct 11, 2015
    My incubator has not had one drop of water in it and the humidity has stayed steady between 60-70 percent. The air cells are still too small, and they go on lockdown on the 15th. I have never had this problem before. It's probably because we have had so much rain lately, but I will lose this hatch if I don't bring that humidity down significantly to get those air cells bigger.

    I have placed napkin with rice in it, as well as a napkin filled with corn starch. This helped drop the humidity by percent, but there is not enough room in the bator to add anymore. My husband suggested silica packets, so I went through every type of pill bottle we have and found a few, but it hasn't made a difference yet and I probably need way more.

    Any suggestions to help lower the humidity even more?

    Incubator has a fan.
  2. feedman77

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    Jun 10, 2013
    Dehumidifier in the room.

    If you want silica try a hobby lobby or a flower shop they might have it in larger quantities. I think it's used for drying flowers.

    Remove or open all vent plugs on the bator.

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