Suggestions to make this small area secure?

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    Apr 24, 2016
    Would like to use it as a grow-out area for "look but don't touch" chicks later this year. Covering it is my main concern. Is there a way to bolt a 2x4 to the top of the chain link to attach hardware cloth or is wiring it down good enough? Then I'm thinking screw another 2x4 to the back of the existing coop to attach the other side of a hardware cloth cover. I know I need more hardware cloth up higher--I already aproned and buried the first piece. Pavers can come out once that area is secure. Need to figure out an access door on the end too. Saw a fox trotting through in daylight not thirty feet from there a few days ago. If anyone has pictures or what they've done in a small narrow area, please share!

    I was going to then hang a pulley door to allow newbies access into the area under the elevated coop, which will be blocked off temporarily (and eventually the coop too when everyone gets along)--thanks Ridgerunner for that suggestion. Was thinking I could also have it as an area to separate a chicken or chickens in the future if I needed to. Anything else you'd do to make more secure? It's about 3x14. Thanks for suggestions!


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    I’m not exactly sure what I told you but you are welcome. Glad I could help.

    You could attach a board up there, but I’d be tempted to attach the hardware cloth to the top of the fencing itself with hog rings. You can get the rings and the tool to apply them at Tractor Supply. I think that will give you a more secure connection, going directly to the fencing. Put them fairly close together so you don’t leave big gaps. An alternative would be to weave a strip of wire to sew the hardware cloth and the top of that fencing together.

    I’d attach a 2x4 to the side of that coop, then use a trip of wood maybe ¾” thick or more to attach the hardware cloth. Drill pilot holes through that strip of wood so you don’t split it and use screws to attach that strip. Make sure the screws go through holes in the hardware cloth. Tighten that down and it is very secure. If your strip of wood is fairly soft where the screw head sinks down in, put a fender washer under the screw head. That really lets you clamp it down tightly.

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