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    Hi everyone

    I'd like to keep some chickens indoors (because I'm a crazy chicken lady!) Can anyone help me select a suitable, friendly, attractive breed for keeping indoors?
    Also, do you think it would be best to buy, hatch and raise some fertile eggs rather than taming an older chicken?
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    Although I don't currently have a house chicken, there are plenty of forum members who do. Any friendly breed could be a house chicken and many choose bantam sized chickens. Silkies are popular house chickens. They are sweet and don't fly well. I think it would be best to buy it as a chick. Raising it from very young would be helpful especially if you want to train it to wear a chicken diaper. Hatching would not be necessary to form a bond with the chick, and if you hatch their can be a 50% failure rate.

    Here is a link to a popular house chicken thread:

    I'm sure they will have lots of advice there.
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