Sulfuryl fluoride


Apr 4, 2019
Miami Florida
Sorry another question.

Had my home tented for termites this weekend. Gas used was Sulfuryl fluoride, also known as Vikane.
Bushes planted next to the house where covered and gas, they turned brown and dropped most of the flowers, leaves and seeds. Unfortunately my hens where let out of the aviary today and they feasted on the dropped seeds and flowers.
Humans are not supposed to eat anything exposed to this gas per termite tenting companies.
I searched EPA reports on the effect of this gas and residue on livestock feed and the answer is they do not know.
Would anybody here know if there will be any detrimental effects to the hens or future eggs ?
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Sulfuryl fluoride is fatal when inhale as it’s a neurotoxin but the EPA does permit a limited food exposure to this pesticide, for example they do permit 75 ppm in oat flour and wheat flour is permitted to contain 135ppm.
So the crux of the problem is knowing the residual ppm on vegetation after tenting for 24 hours and if this compound is excreted or not over time by the hens.

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