Sulmet as a drench?


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Has anyone used sulmet as a drench? Everyone here is out of the water mixture Sulmet. I guess there must be something going around. They do have the big calf pills. One calf pill is for 50 lbs, and I plan on putting the pill in water to make a water based mixture. This will make it easier to divide it out to the correct lbs. I would really like to get my birds treated tonight, and it sounds like the drench is the thing to do. How would I go about doing this? Is a drench where I put it between their shoulder blades like you would a flea medication on cats and dogs?

why not use the portion your making from the pill to make up the right amt for the chickens

How many gallon do you think it will make?
do they give the amt per pill per gallon

DRENCH is the putting of the liquid with pill down their throats.

so why not use it in the amt of gallons of water used for the drench.

I think you use 1 tbsp of sulmet to a gallon of water
with the other kind

It takes a hose and suction of the hose to draw out the drench water each time the drench is administered to individual birds

most of the company selling it only recommend drench for animals not poultry
surely it tells what amt to use in the amt of water?

go to google and put in sulmet sirections for use in poultry
and it will bring up much information
email any questions
Thanks for the info. I guess I will have to use the water method tomorrow. I am going to look at the dosage for a cow on the water mixing kind and then figure out the ratio to poultry. Then I guess I will put that towards the pill ratio of 1 pill per 50lbs of cow??? Sounds right, but with some math involved

I was reading on another post that the sulmet will work for cocci and respiratory problems too. Is this true?


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