Sulmet for 5 day old chicks..

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    Aug 2, 2010
    Im suspicious of cocci in my newest batch of chicks. none of my other chicks have had any trouble, but i noticed some real dark red runny poops in the brooder. I got some sulmet (was told that or corrid on another post) because no where had corrid. Im not 100% that they have it but I would rather be safe than sorry before I put them in close contact with my other chicks and poults.

    I am using a 1/2 quart mason jar for thier waterer right now. The sulmet says 2 TBSP per gallon for poultry. These chicks are about 5 days old, Im so affraid of over dosing them. How much should I put in thier water? And how long until I can put them in close quarters with the others? Should I dose all my chicks since this batch may have it?

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    Are you certain it's not just cecal poo?

    (I'm further editing my post because you should probably just follow the directions.) Sulmet is rough on their systems, so try a little yogurt during.

    And I did treat all of them, since they were all together at the time I noticed symptoms. Since there's a gestation period, I would just to be safe if they've been in the same box, etc.
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    Follow the recommended dose on the bottle. Chicks drink less water, so will get less medicine than a larger bird. In hot weather, they may consume more water than usual, so if it is very hot where you are, then you may want to consider lightening the dose a bit, or if you need to refill the waterer during the day, use plain unmedicated water for the refill.

    If you have the 12% solution, use 2 tablespoons per gallon for two days. That means that if you are using a quart waterer, use 1/2 tablespoon; if you are using a half gallon waterer, use 1 tablespoon; and if you are using a 5 gallon waterer, use 10 tablespoons. Generally you do not want to mix more than they are likely to drink in one day. Much better to have fresh medicated water at the beginning of each day. After the first two days, you cut the dose in half, and continue with that for 4 more days. However, you should see improvement within two days if it is working.
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    Aug 2, 2010
    im not sure what cecal poo is, i looked at the poo chart and couldnt really compare because this is chick poo, i never saw anything that looked just like it.

    i started the sulmet lastnight, how long until i can safely put them in close quarters with the other chicks and poults i have? i have a brooder i split in half with wire so i would have them on one side and some older chicks and a few poults on the other side with just wire between. i dont want anyone else getting sick..

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