Sulmtaler Blue Wheaten hatching eggs 12 - price reduced

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    These are non GFF lines
    purchased from a US breeder than imported themselves.

    I will include extra eggs if available.

    Eggs are collected 1-2 times per day and placed on a turner.
    Eggs will be shipped fresh and fertility has been great.

    Eggs will be packed securely in bubble wrap, packaged aircell up and secured with packing material so there is no shifting during transport

    shipped priority mail

    Shipping is $15 east of the Mississippi and $18 west of it.

    THIS IS FOR A PRESALE. Pick your week you want eggs to arrive, and I will put you on the calendar as soon as I receive payment.
    I will not pre-sell more than 1 dozen a week to be sure I have enough and so that I will hopefully be able to include extras.

    I will ship fresh eggs only.

    PM me first if you have a date preference.
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