Sulphur well water and algae


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Dec 2, 2009
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Hi I am in NE Fl and the well water here has a natural sulphur smell and taste. We have a filter system for the house but the water out in the yard does not. I have noticed that algae grows much faster here with no clorine or city water etc. I am wondering if it would be okay to use the cider vinegar with the sulphury well water or if it would cause some reaction? I am using plastic waterers for now but would like to go to the metal ones. Would the metal ones be more likely to react as well?
Okay I was afraid of that with the metal waterers. I can live with the plastic ones. I was just thinking that with all the sun we get here, that they would not last as long as the metal ones. I will go ahead and try the ACV with plastic. Thank you for your reply
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I don't have any help, but can you send me some of that sulphur water? Yes, I'm one of those weird people that like it. Had plenty of it growing up in central Florida.
(Must be ice cold to drink!)
gritstar, I drank it used to it! I would use the organic ACV with mothers in a plastic waterer and see if that helps...

let us know how it works out...
OT - At my great aunt's house where I spent several of my growing up years, there was a natural spring of sulphur water in the orange grove. Someone long ago had built a stone foundation around it to form a water fountain and playing outside all day that's where I would go for a cool drink. This house was in West Melbourne, can't remember the street name, but it was right down the street from the feed store with a big statue of a white horse out front (which is no longer there, I know).
Sorry for the hijack flgardengirl. I would go with the plastic waterers and the ACV as well.

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