Sultan Hen attacked by dog- lost one eye...

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    I hate to be posting the first couple times with problems, but am hoping someone can provide some guidance.

    On Sunday morning, the neighbors dog went on a killing rampage in our yard killing 4 chickens and injuring at least 4 (he was chasing/killing for the sport of it). The most severely hurt is a young sultan hen- she just started laying about a week ago. We first thought she was dead, but upon seeing her move I went and picked her up. When I did this she started screaming over and over and over again and wouldnt stop until I put her into a secluded area of the coop. I went inside to set up a crate for her and came back to move her into the house, she allowed me to pick her up and wash/examine her. At that point my biggest concern was getting her through the shock of everything, and hoped she would make it through the night.

    Over the last couple days she has started to eat and drink a bit on her own, so now I am concerned about cleaning her injury up. The only injury I can see she has is to the side of her face although I am sure she is sore and bruised elsewhere. Upon calling a few vets the local ones apparently do not treat chickens- there is an avian vet about 80 miles away but she cannot see her until Friday, so it appears I am on my own until then.

    The side where the injury is, is very swollen today and has started having a yellow discharge (no smell). I do have access to most antibiotics, but have never given them to chickens before. Any information anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.



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    I have been prescribed terramycin antibiotic ointment, like what is used for dogs, for my duck's eye when it was injured. Also Baytril 22.7mg, the duck weighed four pounds and took 1/2 tablet twice daily. (Also gave to a bantam off-label, weighed about 2 pounds, I gave her 1/4 twice a day.)

    These can be obtained at a regular vet.

    ETA: Also Metacam liquid for pain, 1.5mg/ml, my four lb duck got 0.4ml once daily (bantam got 0.2). I work at an animal hospital and we treat birds, pigs, hamsters, rats, cats, dogs, you name it. Metacam is the only safe pain relief for birds that we use.
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