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    May 28, 2010
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    I have five Sultans, about four-five months old, two of which are roos. I thought one of them was sick, but now I'm thinking otherwise. I'm thinking that the larger, non-dominant non-crowing roo, Zeus, is just really intimidated by the other dominant crowing roo, Lightning. There is no fighting, and the intimidation is subtle and not constant, more like a little dancing and an occasional stare. Zeus does not challenge back, holds his tail down, walks away or lies down and closes his eyes and ignores him.

    So...will they eventually work this out and be ok? They don't fight and they are still very young, but Zeus ends up looking lonely/ostracized. They are all very tame/gentle with me and I pick them all up, trim their crests from their eyes if needed, etc., even gave Zeus a bath the other day (white chickens with huge feathered feet/legs!).

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    I just saw this and thought I would chime in, I have two 1 year old Sultan roos. They are both very easy going, while one is more dominant they are never mean to each other. I just received my order of 17 Sultans, they all seem layer back too. Keeping my fingers crossed I get some girls for my Roos.

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