Sultan Rooster lost his mate to hawk attack..Considering re~homing him to a flock of Sultans to heal

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    We have a Sultan Rooster who we absolutely adore. We have been harassed by one neighbor for a year now on a noise complaint. Please Note!! One (1) neighbor who complains about one thing or another constantly, basically terrorizing an entire street of neighbors.
    That said, we had to re~home our much loved pair of Sultans. The woman who was caring for them called to tell us our little hen had been attacked by a hawk and left for dead. They had just been moved to a new area on the property just a day before and we hadn't finished the new run by covering the top. There was one tree for cover but 3/4 of the run was exposed. Our rooster, her rooster must have fought for her with all he had as the hawk left his prey. The owners of the farm took him inside, cared for his wounds and placed him back in the coop they shared from day one.
    He would sit in that coop for the next 28 hours un~moving, refusing to eat or drink and not making so much as a peep.
    My grandaughter and I went out there to bring him home. When we arrived we didn't see him, walked the property and found the owner who told us he was in the coop and hasn't come out since the attack.
    He heard my voice and shot out of the coop as if he were shot from a cannon. He wanted to be held and hold him I did. That was the first time I heard his new sound. He was crying and continued to cry, have panic attacks and of course just continue to to prefer to be held!
    We are harboring him illegally as we live in city limits but that is not the reason we are considering to re~home him. In fact we are beginning the process of asking city counsil to consider amending the ordinance..for all animals in this city, as the ordinance is unreasonable.
    It's been just over three weeks now and he is integrating (slowly) back into our small flock of laying hens of standard size. He has a "friend" in the flock which he has connected back up with BUT....
    We think he is still struggling emotionally. He is just beginning to show signs that he is getting a little of his "feisty" back...a little.
    Something is missing.
    I know it hasn't been long but we want to do what will be in his best interest. He is a very, very good rooster who puts his flock first but who put his mate even beyond that. He loved her and protected her...Always! He has such a beautiful soul. I'm not bent on re~homing him but rather, reaching out, to see what might come back...Again, It's all about what will be best for him.
    I won't know what is an ideal situation for him unless I ask what might be out there for him. A kind human who will nurture him back to health is as important to us as is a new mate!
    He is a beautiful boy and there might be a beautiful girl out there with a need such as his.
    My name is Megan and I live in Northwest Oregon
    If you are that person
    The best way to reach me is by email
    [email protected]
    Thank you for your consideration...[​IMG]

    They loved each other so....
    I always wondered what they were chatting about
    ...always chatting:)
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    Where are you located in northwest oregon I am getting a sultan hen and I have 10 polish hens with the top hat like sultans so if you aren't to far away

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