Sultan/Silkie/Showgirl Cross Does anyone have any pictures?

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    I have one lonely Sultan Rooster. I thought he was a she until about a week ago. I had Her (him) in with my showgirl hens and silkie roos thinking I would be able to tell her eggs apart from the showgirls so their would be no problem there when I collected the showgirl eggs and she (he)wouldn't be alone. I was even thinking of hatching out any eggs to see what the silkie/sultan might look like.

    Well low and behold my "Hen" sultan started crowing !!! Now I see my showgirls started laying and am wondering what a showgirl/sultan would look like although I haven't seen him mount the hens.

    So now where is the poor guy going to live???? With Silkies or Showgirls? I don't want to have cross breeds although I think they would be interesting. Especially if I could keep the silkie feathering on the showgirls and get the sultan crest !!! But I really don't need any more projects !! LOL

    Any ideas?
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