Sultans -Bantam- cockerels 8 weeks, P/U Pittsburgh area

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    I have two bantam sultan cockerels for sale, hatched out on Mar 21, and cared for optimally with organic feed, hand feeding, and a diligent Silkie mama hen.

    They are fairly tame, docile, and calm, as they are carried indoors each night, outside each morning with their mama. Good pet quality, and good quality pets.
    They do not have vaulted skulls, but have the 5 toes & vulture hocks.

    Local pickup, or can drive to meet, within half-hour of zip 15116.

    PLEASE PM me, don't hit Buy It Now

    With the constant rain here, I've had a hard time getting clear pictures. Their crests & feet are muddy but clean up snow-white.



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