Sultans & d'Uccle eggs talking!!

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  1. I realized about 9pm last night that it was day 19 of my Sultan banty eggs!!! [​IMG] So I moved them into the hatching 'bator (without tipping them or turning them), last night.

    When I did so--I heard a faint peeping!!! [​IMG]

    So they are now at 99.5 and 72% humidity...and the wait begins....

    My Porcelain d'Uccles are due the next day, so today is their day 19!!
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  2. Had one Sultan chick this morning....with a d'Uccle which had pipped....but it seems like almost all of the eggs were talking! [​IMG] I moved the little Sultan into the brooder....
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    CONGRATS I forget what other breeds do you have those seem pretty cool for banties [​IMG]

  5. Quote:Thanks! Unfortunately, it looks like I'll just end up with ONE Sultan!? [​IMG] The other three eggs are just sitting there. No pips, no movement, nothing. [​IMG]

    I got three Porcelain d'Uccles last night with another one pipped this morning. No movement from the last egg....
  6. Quote:Ha, pretty cool for banties? LOL I actually used to HATE banties & got my Sultan banties by mistake (Ideal sent me bantams instead of standards). Then, I discovered that they ate less, took up less room = more chickens per limited space and layed quite well.

    So I'm going to end up with three or four breeds of bantam:
    Porcelain d'Uccles
    Salmon Faverolles

    Standards, I have:
    Light Brahmas (chicks)
    Golden Laced Cochins (chicks)
    Buff Orpingtons (chicks)
    Cream Brabanters (eggs in the 'bator)
    Silver Spangled Spitzhaubens (eggs in the 'bator)
    Salmon Faverolle (eggs in the 'bator)

    Muscovy ducks (adults, ducklings & eggs)

    Want more:
    Light Brahmas

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