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  1. I'm placiing an order with cackle next week. I'm going to get some sultans. Anybody raise them, can you tell me about them alittle. Their behavior, egg laying, how large compared to a bantam egg. They will be for show and just for fun and raising eggs so I won't be adding them to my laying flock but what do you know about them?
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    Mar 28, 2007
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    I had a Sultan Rooster but I had to find him a home (he attacked me). He was always very sweet and easy to handle and was still easy after the incident. He was a pretty big guy and he crowed ALL the time, his crow wasn't very loud but it was very funny. I have ordered some more in hopes to get a girl. I really did love my guy but I will not tolerate an nasty roo.

    Good Luck, I think you will really like them.
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    Aug 30, 2007
    Standards or bantams? I raise bantams, and have had more nasty roosters than i'd care to count. They got so bad that I started raising them for temperament and breeding them closer to standard, rather than breeding the best looking ones. I still have one that I just can't wait to get rid of, and it won't be to a new home. Sultans are very poor layers, usually laying less than 60 eggs a year.
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    We had sultans from MM for a few years. They layed maybe 100 eggs a year that were white, the hens were dopey, the cock was mean. We couldnt get them to standard because of the white earlobes. The eggs were small, about the size of a bantam. I miss them in a way.
  5. Okay now I'm reconsidering, are all the roos mean?
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    Mar 28, 2007
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    My guy wasn't really mean he just got a wild feather up his butt one day and attacked my leg. He only did it once because I kicked him across the yard afterwards! After that he was back to his old self but he started fighting with my other rooster so that was when he had to go. He also came to us grown, I did not raise him so I am sure that is why he did not like the other rooster.
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    My bad one fights anything and doesn't learn. I got him as a day old. He attacks every time someone goes in the coop, so he is in one that I don't have to go into to feed and water him. If I do he will keep trying to spur me no matter how many times I fight him off. He's particularly bad when your back is turned, and I got sick of having to watch out the whole time I was in with flock. He's noisy too. He grew up with several roosters: a Buff Orpington, a standard Silver Laced Cochin, and a D'Uccle. He does not get along with any of them, but I can house the three together without problems. I think the aggression is partly because of the head feathering; they can't see danger approaching as easily as most, so seem to be paranoid. The hens are flighty but not mean. They're the one breed I keep that I would not have around children.
  8. Quote:My roo wasn't mean, but he was housed with Standard Light Brahmas & Golden Laced Cochins (he was a banty). Anyway...he was not mean to me--but VERY skittish. So is the hen. She will be a year old in July & hasn't laid a single egg. Overall, they are cool little birds, but just for ornamental purposes, in my experience. [​IMG]
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    I had two female white sultans over a year ago. They were really pretty great for the first 9 months but then they started to get neurotic. They would go into each of my five laying nests and kick out all the hay every day. And when it came to feeding time, they would get all my other hens into a tizzy. They were very hyper and loud. They laid about 3 or 4 white smaller eggs each per week during the summer months. They were about the size of silkie eggs.

    I found a good home for them just because they were creating such a commotion in my coop. But they were such pretty birds, and bantam sultans to boost. I miss them every once in a while.

    Here's a picture of one of them with a client. I'm a professional photographer so I use my chickens and rabbits as props sometimes. Gotta make them earn their keep, you know!! A Slice of Life Photography


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