Sumatra Breeders?


7 Years
Jan 2, 2013
antelope, california
Hi I have been breeding Sumatras for 3 years Large Fowl and bantam I wanted to create this thread to find other breeders to make contacts for anything from sharing pictures just for fun, talking genetics, to swapping or selling to get new bloodlines. I would also LOVE to see if anyone has non- standard project varieties of Sumatras.
below are some of mine I have Blue/Blacks


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Image #1 is a good looking Sumatra dame, I received her from Meyers in Polk Oh.

Picture #2&3 shows a horrible example of a Sumatra. I am 100%certain the breed standard calls for a black pea comb. That guy has a bright rose comb(glad you placed with that). I will show you my ugly gal that I received from cackle in Texas..... Most of my gals do not meet breed standars(but not their job) they are here for pest control and companionship, but they have ugly fowl......

Real Sumatras do not look like this..... these are some type of wierd cross. I was much happier with the stock I received from Meyers in Ohio with the exception of their heat tolerance. Unfortunately a rescue dog killed them all.
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I will mention my Sumatras were incredible survivors. The hawks had the worst luck trying to predate them. We even had a hawk smash into the house and stun itself trying to get my birds over winter and almost got taken by one of our dogs until my wife called the dog off, I had given my dog permission to kill it.

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