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    I have 6 Sumatra chicks that are 4 weeks old and only can keep 1 cockerel and 2 pullets. I can't keep them all, so would love some help figuring out who's who. 3 have almost completely feathered out and 3 have barely gotten a tail yet. I took a picture of both feather types to show differences. 1st picture assuming it's a Cockerel and 2nd picture I believe is a pullet. [​IMG] 1st picture
    [​IMG] 2nd Picture
    I raised Bantam Light Brahmas last year and pullets feather out slow like this, so I don't need 2 cockerels and 1 pullet [​IMG]
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    I think you're right with your feathers, though it does kinda suck that you ended up with 1/2 males and 1/2 females...
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    I have done worst gotten 12 cockerels and 3 pullets Bantams from a hatchery before.....I also googled searched Sumatra Chicks to see if they showed differences in sexes, but nothing.
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    Roo and pullet
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    I'd wait longer to evaluate - others may turn out nicer as they develop. Temperament is also important if you intend to breed from them.
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    I can see that they are different, but which one is female and which one is male? I can't keep all of them otherwise I wouldn't have asked this question. I don't want to keep 2 males and 1 female.... I just want them for myself as a nice addition to the farm. I have several friends wanting my extra's and have put them off due to not knowing for sure who is male and who is female. I have read the males get into mischief and cause major fights so only want 1...... I had to have a 250-watt bulb on the ones with hardly any feathers, and the others with feathers are panting so had to separate them for now.....I know Sumatra's are a Rarer Breed but would have thought there would be someone that might know how the males chicks feathered out verse the Females. Thank you for your responses [​IMG][​IMG]
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    The ones with barely any tails yet should be the males.

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