Sumatra Hen Broody in October?


9 Years
Sep 16, 2010
Canaan Ny
While hunting for a nest...... I think I found a broody hen. A nice little nest, in a natural hole in the ground under brush. Protected from the weather nicely. I discovered her about 4 hours ago, and she is still there and it is nearly dark. I'll peak there in the morning to see if she is still there. It seems a little strange to me that she would go broody this late...... it's getting cold. Could she be broody? Or just comfortable in her little spot?

I just reallized this may be in the wrong subforum......
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I wouldn't let her stay outside unprotected all night. Get a box and move her and the eggs someplace safe. If she is broody she will stay with the eggs, particularly if you keep it as quick and as dark as you can.
they stay out every night. Before I got them, it was that way. All of the little ones have been hatched this way. My concern was for the cold coming...........
It is certainly possible. I had an EE hen go broody right in the middle of winter. Of course in South TX "Winter" doesn't usually happen. At best it will get below 30 for maybe a week or so. You may have to keep her and the chicks in a draft free coop or shed to keep them warm. Or you could bring her in and put her in broody jail.
My first broody was my sumatra in February this year. I seperated her from the rest and she has been the best mom so far
yeah... thats what I was thinking. Supposing she sits them out. Right now it's not too cold, but it's october in upstate Ny, so that could change at any time.....
this is all good news. All I've had previous to the sumatra's were RIR's and leghorns. None ever even thought about setting. So I'm new to this. I'll know in the morning whether she is broody or not I guess..............
so at 6:50 am she is on her nest. Obviously a broody hen. Now the question is how long has she been there. A day? A week? I don't know. I'll bring hr some water this morning. There is plenty of natural food around her. Water..... not so much.
here is mama

Wow she is hidden, don't know how you ever found her. I would take one of her eggs and candle them to see how far they are in development. This should give you an idea of how long she has been broody.

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