Sumatra X O-Shamo or Ko Shamo or Saipan or Malay X Something Important

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    If I ever had the money and time and birds this is what I would do as 1 of my projects. Here I would look for an upright/pheasant body and a long sweeping tail. I would look for double spurs (can they be separate and sharp?) and dark skin. It would be semi-aggressive and have a small pea/strawberry/whatever comb. I have a picture in my head but sadly you can't upload pictures from your head [​IMG]
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    Look up Thailand Gamefowl or Thai gamefowl or Thai stag. [​IMG]

    Thailand Gamefowl are an upright breed of Oriental Gamefowl like Shamos and Malays, but have a very showy and large tail. There's no need to cross things for your desired traits. Now, some people have more typical Thais that look like stiffly built Shamos, and some have Thais with very large, long tails. A neighbor of mine even has a Thai cock with a pretty well sized tail -


    The white in it detracts from the birds' appearance in my opinion, but they do vary, some people have some magnificent birds!

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