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    I was talking with my family members the other day when they came by for thanks giving and we took them on a tour of the farm. When we got to my birds that asked if I showed them. I explained to them that I didn't show them but they are very hand tame, and I told them a bit about the breed including the fact that they fly and that once they are older and have been trained a bit more I might consider showing them as they are Sumatra's. I have never shown chickens before only cows, donkeys, horses, and rabbits. So talking to my family some more over dinner got me thinking and I was hoping some of you might know the answers to my questions.

    What are the general classes for showing Chickens?
    Is there a class for breeds that can fly or events and things these birds can be taken to?
    Or perhaps a special show or even for hand tamed birds that are trained to do tricks?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have never considered showing my Sumatra's before, and I think it would be a good way to let others know about the breed and to advertise my farm a bit as they are only one of the three breeds I am breeding and I intend to pick up a fourth breed next summer.

    Thank you to anyone that can help answer my questions, or give me some general information.

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    Hi, here is where you can learn about how judging is done and how to show

    Also has some really good beginners pages.

    I used to show sumatras,they are alot of fun. I recommend you purchase or borrow from a public library the book "American Standard of Perfection " put out by the APA (American Poultry Association).

    Here is also a brochure you can read: Chickens tri-fold.pdf

    Have fun! It's not that hard. Let us know how your first show goes!

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