11 Years
May 22, 2008
Upstate NY
Does anyone have any interest in sumatra cockerals in upstate NY? About 4 months old, free range and organic.
These need to go before winter.
I'm in Oswego county, near lake Ontario. Half way between Watertown and Syracuse. My rooster came from a breeder that shows them. Mine are pets as I know nothing about showing. These are beautiful birds. My rooster is very sweet. He "mothered" my 4 pullets showing them the ropes. He takes good care of his girls. He and his hen hatched all 14 of the eggs that she laid. (The 4 pullets kept him busy for 21 days). He's not agressive towards people and he's a pleasure to care for. (actually he does more for me than I do for him). Bug control..hawk alert..crowd control (with the young cockerals). I paid $25. for him and he's worth every penny. I'd like to get $7. for his sons. negotiable for more than one.

They are free range and organic.
Okay, I assume there isn't much interest in this rare breed.
That's too bad, they're really beautiful birds. I'll try to post a picture.
Hey fellow NY upstater. I'm in Mexico! Nice to see someone actually close by and not down near NYC which a lot of people call "upstate ny" lol.

I'd buy one but I've got a lot of birds right now... the Sumatras are very gorgeous, I'm sure someone will buy one!


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