Sumatras - purely ornamental or okay for meat and eggs too?


8 Years
May 12, 2011
Port Perry, ON
Hi everyone,
I am greatly interested in raising Sumatras (they're stunning birds!) but can't afford to raise them unless I can at least get some good tasting eggs out of them (only for my family's consumption, not for sale).
Anyone have info on Sumatras as egg layers or meat birds?
they are not great layers (although they do lay some) and you could use them for meat, but it wouldn't be as good as a meatie. they are quite pretty and excellent flyers and if you have good quality stock you could breed/show them and sell chicks. beyond that they aren't really used for much
by the way,
Mine were wild and flighty. They flew like pheasants. It wasn't unusual to find them high up in Weeping Willow trees.

Very pretty to look at.

Practical? Not so much.
I've got one Sumatra hen; she's not as flighty as I thought she would be, friendlier than my Anconas at least. I don't know how many eggs she lays exactly, but I see her in the nest boxes quite often. I'd say get one or two, you might enjoy them. They really are gorgeous.
Here is my sumatra roo. He was raised by gamefowl breeders and housed seperately(he's not to be trusted around other roosters). He follows me around the yard and acts like he would jump in my car if I let him.

He's stunning! Even with rough feathers.
And he seems to know it too! lol

If he follows you around that means he's a rather friendly bird, not the wild, flighty type character that you'd expect from a Sumatra...?

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