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May 29, 2011
I live in Kentucky and our summres can get rather warm. My chickens free-range in my backyard, so the coop is only used for roosting and laying. I know lots and lots of fresh water is a MUST, but I am wondering if there are any tricks, if you will, to help them beat the heat in this weather. Thank for any and all tips!
Shade to avoid heating by direct sunlight.

Shade with breeze to dump heat by panting and exposing core (areas under wings).

Access to cool soil to dump heat through feet and legs.

Water for evaporative heat loss through panting.

More than one shady spot best so birds more likely to have a breezy spot.

Wetting ground of shady spots can promote overnight evaporative cooling of ground so free range birds can use it following day when temperatures get.

Your birds will be very good at finding coolest locations in their environment. Identify them your self and see if you can create more or improve.

Do not get birds wet directly.
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Thank you all for the tips! They love it under the trees. I have since put out large water pans from TS. I change it in the morning around 10 am and again around 5-6 pm. I also put out a large, plastic snow sled for them. It is approximately 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. It holds about 2 inches of water, but it is sloped in a way they can easily hop in and out of it. I have been watching them this weekend and they do just that. It's comparable to a bird in a bird bath. Very cute!
Thanks again!
I turn on my water sprinkler and my flock will actually stay close to the sprinkler, getting wet. Since they love being out in the rain and we are currently in a drought in Texas, this is my way of helping them keep cool. Right now we are over 100 degrees and they have found some shade to cool off and nap in. The wild birds are taking advantage of the sprinkler right now and having their own baths.
This is great info, it was 107 today in Burbank and my 10 week olds week panting, even tho' there was a breeze and shade, and plenty of fresh water. We have a small fan in the coop and ours were in and out all day. We had all the windows open in the coop and will leave them open tonight. A certain section of the run get's sprinkled from one of the lawn sprinklers, so part of the run is nice and wet in the AM.

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