SUMMER SPECIAL!! 15 fertile, purebred hatching eggs

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  1. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    My hens are still laying well, and I've caught up on my orders; so, I'm offering this special package for a few weeks only:

    15 fresh, fertile, purebred hatching eggs from my exhibition-bred breeder stock pens:

    Five (5) Black Copper Marans hatching eggs --

    I have been working my line for almost eight years now. I breed to the standard and for dark egg color. The Marans Chicken Club produced a pamphlet on the breed a couple of years ago, and it featured a picture of some of my eggs on the back. When the hens are in early lay, they lay a nice 5/6 egg (I'm a stickler for egg color, and tend to grade my eggs a bit lighter than others do). I am working on consistency of shank feathering (it tends to be either a bit too thick or a bit too sparse) and culling for white in the tails. My flock cock bird has excellent conformation; a nice long back, proper angle to his topline, proper tail angle, correct eye color, etc.

    **please note that egg color has faded since the beginning of the lay cycle** (I will include an actual egg shell sample from one of my better hens that shows where the hens lay at the beginning of their lay cycle).

    Five (5) Blue / Black Marans hatching eggs --

    This line is fairly new to me, I have been breeding the solid Blue / solid Black for a couple of years now. I run the Blue and Black together (the blue out of the blueXblack cross have lovely feather edging). They are not quite as up to par with the standard as my Black Coppers are, but I'm moving them forward bit by bit each year. I have been culling for dark eyes, sparse shank feathering, and underfluff being a bit too light. These hens lay a nice, round egg, which is what is the preferred shape for Marans eggs. They lay almost as dark as my Black Coppers.

    Five (5) "olive egger" hatching eggs --

    I have two purebred Ameraucana hens (one splash, the other blue) in with my Blue Marans cock bird. The offspring are gorgeous; I've only hatched ten for myself thus far, and they are just seven weeks old right now. Offspring will be almost all blue or splash. (Out of the ten I hatched, I got 5 splash, 4 blue, and 1 black.). They are larger than purebred Ameraucana and look like they will mature out to be good-sized birds. I cannot attest to egg color, but the hens lay a lovely egg, much more blue than green. It will be interesting to see the egg color from the females!

    **This auction is a PayPal only auction; eggs will ship on Mondays, payment must be received the previous Friday**

    I have the following shipping dates available for these sets:

    Monday, June 29
    Monday, July 6
    Wednesday, July 8

    Monday, July 13
    Monday, July 20

    PM with any questions, and thanks for looking!
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  2. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    Ship dates are going fast - I may be able to add more dates after those listed above, it depends on whether or not the hens continue to lay well. [​IMG]
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    Nov 16, 2009
    Las Vegas
    Is this deal still available?
  4. Chicken Keith

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    I will sing Wynette's praises. The most beautiful FBC Roo I have ever seen, much less raised, was a bird from her stock. The boy had a solid black breast and RED hackles, not straw hackles but picture book red. Find me a Black Copper bird with a solid black breast, they are a gem to find, rare indeed. Most have flakes of gold.

    I am extremely picky and I have no problem butchering any of my birds which do not meet the standard. I'm a member of the French "Marans-Club de France"-- not trying to act snobby, just expressing how particular I am about my Black Coppers.

    Wynette is a breeder among breeders, and I was rewarded by her attention to detail...

    ...the only problem was, a Siberian Huskie escaped from my neighbor's yard ran over to my backyard, blazed through my electric fence like a hot knife thru butter and mauled all my prized Marans to death. I now employ my bored 24-yr old son who patiently stakes out the back yard like a livestock guard dog with his assault rifle now. Another dog attack and the dog will strangely disappear.

    Nevertheless, Wynette's birds are the best. Take it from a snooty, snobby French association member.
  5. CaitlinM

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    Feb 23, 2014
    Hi! Do you still have any black Maran eggs available? Could you also send me a photo of what they are currently laying that you!

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