Summertime Blues

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    Nov 22, 2014
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    It is unbelievably hot and humid here in middle Tennessee and so early in the summer. My three hens will hardly eat anything. I have Oyster shell out for them and grit. And plenty of water. I have bought layer pellets and crumble and they are not that interested. Their laying is sporadic. Since I am allergic to eggs I would be just as happy if they never laid another egg. Someone dropped off a pregnant cat near my house and she had her kittens in my compost pile. I have been feeding them everyday until they get a little older and then taking them to the New Leash on Life shelter so I found out quite by accident that the chickens love cat food, the Friskies wet cat food. They eat one of those small cans a day (there are 3 Orpingtons). I can tell they had lost a little weight and I thought this would help put some weight back on them, but not at the risk of kidney damage. They have only been eating catfood for a couple of days. What is the thoughts on this?
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    wet cat food is going to be way too much protein for them, and not enough of the other nutrients they need. Try switching up their feed and supplementing with fresh greens and various fruits and veggies. Mine went nuts for the greens I snatched for them from the garden and melon I have been giving them. You might also try freezing various fruits and veggies in a large bowl of water and then giving them the ice block. It will keep them cool and entertained.

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