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  1. With this heat we been having we decided to start using the sun oven for cooking. I am very new to cooking in the sun oven and was wondering if any of you out there cook in sun ovens and have any recipes,tips,tricks or secrets to making meals in them that you wouldnt mind sharring would be greatly appreciated .

    First experience the roast cooked in the sun oven came out really dry .
    Second attempt did pork steak in it and it also came out dry.

    Last night I made Ham, Potatoes and cheese and this came out Excellant !
    Tomorrow I am going to try a Ham mac n cheese dish in the sun oven and will see how it comes out.

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    We have had no sun to speak of. I saw a farm stand last week with green peas and cherries in the same line. It's such a cool year here in Oregon. I wonder if you made your sun oven? I would like to try to make one and see how it goes. I don't have any advice, Sorry ,but was glad to see your posting. Hopefully more folks will try these out.

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  3. Thank you for posting !
    You have no sun , wish we could send you some of ours [​IMG] Its been way too hot here so far this year.
    No,our sun oven came from I think a homemade one would be an Awesome project ! DH has been talking about try to build a much bigger one .If you decide to build one would deffinately be interested in seeing pics of it.

    The mac n cheese dish came out Fantastic ! We are really loving this thing , guess we should of used it more befor now . It's great to cook a whole meal,dessert and all and not have to heat up the house at all !


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