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    For Father's Day, our family went to the water park and had a great time. Hubby had BAD sunburn all over the front of his body (his ego got the best of him that he never burns and does not need sunscreens). So after we got home, he went for cold water bath, shivered the whole night. Didn't work the next day and rest. And went to work Tues, took some two hours off from work because he was hurting so bad, skin and muscles. I forced him to go to the doctor Wed. He has the burn salve, an ointment (corizone ones) and Vitamin C. He is a little better today but still sore. He took yesterday and today off from work. Tomorrow he has to work.

    Now I never heard of Vitamin C for burns.....what is the real reason for him to have that? I thought it has something to do with his possasium for muscle stiffiness and cramps. He always have muscle cramps even he is physically fit.

    PS He does not eat meat, veggies or fruits at all.....[​IMG] He is a peanut butter/bread/potato guy, very high carbohydrates. I looked at the breads, peanut butter (no jelly) and Chex Cereals, very little natural vitamins but plenty of minerals. He has been eating like this for over 35 years. So is his diet affecting him?
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    One, those "shivers" is a sign of shock from sun poisoning. I'm sure there's something more technical to call it. Fluids with minerals, such as watered down gatoraid, or my favorite, V8. Treat for shock at the time, although that sounds long past now. Certain males in our family have "gotten a base" and should've gone to the er, but survived anyway.

    Baking soda in a cool but not cold bath helps with the irritation, also good for ant bites, mosquito bites and such.

    I have permanent skin changes from a bad sunburn as an adult. The area turned into one huge blister, really nasty, about a week after. I was a bit ill the first few days. Now, years later, that area is very sensitive and will break out first from anything.

    So, we're all supposed to be smarter and stay out of the sun so much. But things happen. Drink lots, rest up, watch that the raw skin doesn't get an infection, don't scratch. Is he ingesting or applying the vitamin C? I have been told to put vitamin E on burns, or some fresh gel from an aloe leaf. But a burn bad enough to put a person in shock = those shivers - did more damage than just the top of the skin. The whole body was stressed/injured, so treat everything.

    And yes, his diet sounds terrible.

    Anyway, that's all the sunburn lecture I remember from when I got it. Good luck.
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    Yes he shivered for a day and a half. Poor guy!

    No I read the RX, Vitamin C! I could not figure it out LOL! Pills, not liquid form. One time a day.

    I did have him drink Gatorade which he drank half a bottle but he didn't want to drink anymore on the first day of burn.

    At least he is moving some but still very sore in his upper chest muscles, between his collar bone and nipples, that big muscles in front is what it was hurting him the most. He walked like a chimp for a few days. LOL!

    I do get sun poisoning and this time I paid alot of attention to myself and my dd and this time I didn't get burned except for my underarm pits and top of my feet which I didnt apply any sunscreen.

    Next time he better listen to me, he refused sunscreen when I was lathering myself and dd. So this time sunscreen AND tshirts!

    I can not find anything about Viatmin C....except to prevent skin wrinkles but he does not care if he wrinkles or not LOL part of getting older as he said!
  4. Boyd

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    Mar 14, 2009
    I have my wife rub cotton balls of vinegar over my burn the night it happens. Takes the burn out. Stinks like all get out tho
  5. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    cider or regular vinegar????
  6. herfrds

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Regular white vinegar.

    Stay away from anything with an oil in it. It keeps the burn going.

    I did that once too. my whole back was one big blister. i had put on sunblock, should have worn my shirt.
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    So while you home physicians are all at it.

    I hit the pool deck today. HARD. destroyed my glasses... I had just seen the eye Dr. this morning and ordered new glasses that won't be in until the 5th of July. I have a broken spare that I'll have to get by with till then.

    ... and I have to teach Sunday School this weekend! Makeup? Ice? Ibuprophen?

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    He should be taking Vitamin E as well, to help the cells repair. Tell him to go easy on the cortisone cream, as it thins the skin. Aloe vera gel, especially chilled in the fridge, is very soothing.

    Along with potassium, he should be taking magnesium for the leg cramps. Low Sodium V8 juice is the best thing I've found for the amount of potassium, and it'll give him some veggies, too. An old wive's tale that is supposed to work is to put a bar of soap under the sheets at the foot of the bed to prevent leg cramps while sleeping. No idea why that would work, but apparently it does.

    As for his diet, if he's not feeling the effects of not eating well now - especially missing out on all of those antioxidants - he might feel them later. Or he could be like many who live to be 99, eating bacon every morning and washing it down with cigs and whiskey. lol

    ETA: Mahonri, I hope you feel better asap. Wow!
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    Jun 22, 2009
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    I was out on the tractor mowing the grass. For a couple of hours. In shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Ouch!!!!
    Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue. Smelled like a salad until I showered later in the day. I swear that stuff takes the sting out almost immediately and the red starts to turn more tan. Thank you Great Gramma Kelly for knowing what to do.
    Slinky (whose skin is usually the color of the underbelly of a fish)
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    I got lots of bad sunburns growing up. The best thing I found to take the pain away was to take a barely warm bath, with a few cups of vinegar in the water. The vitamin C makes sense. Bodies need extra when they are healing and it helps the immune system. The sun poisoning could make him more susceptible to infection while he is recovering. I think vitamin C is also involved in making new skin cells to replace the damaged layer.

    Extreme sunburns also increase the risk of skin cancer. Extra antioxidants might help about avoiding that.

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