Sunday afternoon with Ken and his pal.


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That's right pal. Only one actually came over. I was ticked because I made all this food, but relieved I didn't have to deal with a housefull of men in a mid-life crisis.

Butch the Dog: Picture the Mack truck pitbull. Solid white, solid muscle, so much strength that this dog has bent shelves in half that he was chained too. Ken's dad owned gas stations, and Butch was the office guard dog. Butch loved his family and friends, but if he felt one of them was being threatened, look out.

One evening Pat was working in the office, alone. A man comes in with a knife and tells Pat to hand over all the money. Pat says "ok" and reaches down and undoes Butch's chain. Robber dives for the driver door of the car hollering GO GO GO!!! Butch comes back to the office with a piece of said robber's pants. Ken pulls up "What's going on?" Pat: "That guy wanted to rob me!" Ken: "Did you get robbed?" Pat: "No, help me catch the dog!".

The Wheelchair Story: Handi Danny is paralyzed. Handi Danny keeps a regular wheelchair and his special Handi Dandi racing chair with him wherever he goes, just in case. Rabbit (never did get the real name for that one) asks if he can try out the Handi Dandi racing chair. Danny says sure!!!! Rabbit sits down, starts pumping the thing at the top of a hill. He manages to zip by the high school at 40 MPH (speed limit is 25). Rabbit gets pulled over by a cop and is cited for speeding.

Wheelchair Story Part II: Rabbit would take Danny's wheelchair (With permission of course, they were all in this together) and go to the mall, and purposely topple out of the chair. He would lay there with people standing over him OOO'ing and OHNO'ing, but no one helped him. He jumps up, hollers SCREW YOU ALL! walks to the wheelchair, sits down and wheels away. Jaws are on the floor.

I got more, but I am so tired.
Thank you. It is MUCH funnier in person. They exhaust me.

I agree with you, infact I love to hear stories from old Farmers around here, they just come up with crazy things all the time.
LOL!!!! Most of what gets shared is inapproriate for BYC, but as they come to mind I will post them!

Okey dokey... the stories are a scream!... I loved the wheelchair in the mall!

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