Sunday Morning Surprise

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    Apr 4, 2009
    Back in August I bought 2 pullets from one of the local feed stores, a buff orphington and a rhode island red. The buff, I named "Sam", after a little girl I know named Samantha who is referred to as Sam. Her father helped me with building the coop so I told her it was her chicken and I would keep it at my house and take care of it. She is a cute, lively, little blonde girl and the match up to her chicken was perfect. Well Sam and Ruby, the rhode island red, grew and are looking really good. They are constantly together.

    Well, Sunday morning around 05:30, I took the dog outside to go potty. I was standing there and all of a sudden heard a rooster crow coming from my coop. It took me by total surprise. I waited and not too long another crow. I rushed over there and looked in the coop and Sam crowed again. I was totally surprised. I live in a neighborhood where the neighbors are close and I can have chickens but no roosters. I certainly did not want to have a rooster crowing all morning. So, I picked Sam off the roost, grabbed one of the wire cages I have, and quickly took Sam to the garage.

    I was on my way to an early morning church meeting, so I left for that. After the meeting, around 08:30, I called a friend who lives nearby who lives in the county area. His daughter in law I had helped get established earlier this year with some chickens, and because they live in the county they can have roosters. I told him the predicament and that I needed a home for my newly found out about rooster. He said I could bring it over as his daughter in law had actually been wanting to find a rooster to buy. So I took it over and put it in a small pen near their hens and that evening she was going to put it in with them.

    Prior to going over there, I asked my 10 year old daughter, who has been my chicken girl, if she wanted to say goodbye to Sam before I took him away. I said that Sam was a rooster. She was lying in bed and looked up at me and said, "That's weird"!

    I haven't raised any roosters for a long time so I had forgot about some of their characteristics that should have gave it away before the crowing did. His neck feathers were more pronounced and fuller. His comb and waddle was red early on and larger. He pranced more and he has a little attitude, which he displayed by running up to me when I was nearby and he would peck my feet. When I would reach down to pick up up he would turn his head around and give my hand a little bite and actually would hang on to my skin. It did not hurt but it could when older or to a little kid. I should have guessed it much earlier, but I didn't until that crowing came.

    So, lesson learned, Sam's name fit him well.
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    *in my best Gomer Pyle voice* Well surprise! Surprise! Surprise! [​IMG] [​IMG]: Too bad your friend didn't have a BO hen to trade you for that splendid rooster! [​IMG]

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