Sunny the Pekin!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Pet Duck Boy, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Hey all, I know a few of people her remember me and I have gotten PMs about my girl Sunny, so I thought I'd make a topic. The last 4 months with Sunny have been rough, she started laying 4 months ago, and after a week of that she got sick out of the blue. She barely ate, she lost her voice, you could hear water in her lungs, was breathing deep and her tail was down, and at times should would get extremely lethargic and would fall asleep standing up. This would last a couple of weeks, and then Sunny would eat and get her voice back, then the next week she was sick. This cycle has happened around 3 times. Why? I'm not sure what she has, and to this day she is better but she still breaths slightly heavy. She's always been a picky eater, even as a duckling she would only gorge herself on wet feed, and would only take a couple bites when it was dry. But after she got sick she's never eaten as much as she used to. So I've been offering her wet layer mash whenever her crop looks empty, and after that I'll find her a few worms or give her a hanfull of black oil sunflower seed or peas. She eats any insect she can get, but for the most part she doesn't take a lot of other foods. For a pekin, she's small. Around 4-5 pounds, she was rescused as an egg from a nest at the park, from pekins let loose there. The "park pekins" aren't big either, but they gorge on anything you offer, even though there's plenty of natural food in the lake. But for me, as long as she's eating, she'll make it. But am I feeding her everything she needs? Her mood is normal otherwise, she's maybe not as active as a pair of ducks would be since she has no company for the most part. (Other than my dog and chickens, which get along with her fine) Though she's extremely observitive, she'll stand around and watch the songbirds, planes, chickens, and lizards all day. Of course I spend all the time with her I can, hanging out with her and wiggling my fingers in front until she starts throwing my them around.

    Here she is, this was taken today and of course she was watching the birds fly around. [​IMG]


    Here's her freckles, she grew them all of a sudden but it gives her personality.

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    She's so gorgeous especially her freckles [​IMG] I really hope she gets better and stays well [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    she's so cute. [​IMG]

    i hope she stays better

    give her hugs and duckie kisses for me [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the update!

    I have missed you and Sunny!
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    I've missed you both tooooo. I loooove Sunny! [​IMG]
    I don't know enough about ducks to help with food questions but I'm so glad you are both doing ok!
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    She is so beautiful,
    especially the freckles!
    thank you for posting her pics.


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