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Sunrise's, Susan's and Selena's Diaries

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by earlybird10842, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Sunrise​
    My name is Sunrise Elanor Henley. I am four years old, and live with two sisters, (Susan and Selena) and three cousins (Autumn, Auroura and Midnite) Right now, there is about six inches of snow on the ground, which makes it impossible to walk more then a few steps. So we are stuck in our run, and I am starting to get cabin fever. Six of us in a coop and run that cannot be described as large. And it is hard to find a quiet place, too. Oh, well our neighbors have it worse, with four hens and a rooster in an even smaller coop and run.

    My name is Susan Laura Henley. Today was a good day, but ufortaunatly, we are snowed into the run, and, as Sunrise mentioned, she and I are getting cabin fever. Selena and our cousins seem unaflicted. I tried to take a walk, but the snow was so cold, I hardly made it ten feet before I got tired of wading in the deep snow and turned back. I like to go to bed early in the winter, so Goodnight!

    My name is Selena April Henley. I am three years old. Today was a good day. I played in the run with Midnite, and I even played ding dong ditch on Auroura--It's so fun! all you do is knock on the pop door and then run and hide! Susan and Sunrise say they're sick with something called cabin fever. What's that? I hope it isn't contaigious, whatever it is. Maybe it's worms. I like to eat worms, but Mommy says they're something bad. Sunrise says they're two different things, but how come they have the same name then? Susan says I need to go to bed now. She's so bossy. Goodnight!

  2. :D More please!!! [​IMG]
  3. Sunrise​
    Today was a pretty normal day. I dug in the snow. I tried to uncover our dustbath, but the snow was way to deep. I played with Selena. For a three year old hen, she is really pulletlike. I tried to stay out of Auroura's way, as she was in one of her moods. The flock of wild turkies showed up again, but the one who could speak chicken wasn't with them. I can't imagine how hard it would be to live out in that crop-deep snow with no coop. One of the turkies had a letter for us from the neighbors, who live across the road. They wrote that they were planning a coopover, and could we come? I wish we could, but there is so much snow, we can't walk to Mommy's house, let alone all the way up the hill!
    Just another snowy day. Auroura wasn't in the greatest mood, so I mostly stayed out in the run all day. Thankfully, it is much warmer than yesterday, when it reached a low of five degrees fairnenheit! I was worried it would be a start of a cold snap, and the temp would drop below 0, (which usually happens for a week or so at a time during January or Feburary) but today it was much warmer. We got a letter from the neighbors inviting us to a coopover, but Sunrise sent a letter back that we couldn't walk three feet in this snow, but otherwise we would come.

    Today I wrote my letter to Santa. I asked him for a pink dress, a chicken diaper, and some cookies. Then I told him how good I was. I adressed it all by myself, and then I gave it to the turkies to mail. I like the turkies. They're nice. Sunny and Susie better hurry up with their letters, or else, they might not get there on time, which would be bad, because both of them had been good all year. I wonder how far it is to the north pole? Maybe we could go there for our Christmas vacation!
  4. [​IMG] They're so cute!!
  5. I try to make Sunrise's and Susan's entries simalar, and Selena, who is younger and had a compleatly differernt perspective on things, has a different entry.
  6. Yea, that's the same with mine. ;)
  7. Sunrise​
    The snow has crusted over now in some places, so we can free-range a bit. Still a bit cold on the feet though. I went for a walk and found the snow had crusted over all the way to the woodshed, so I can go there when I need some quiet. There has been snow falling all day. Sal got to work on making her Christmas presents for us. She's out there in the corner of the run, working with bits of wood and ribbon. Even though Sally's Christmas presents are never useful, they are always interesting. Last year, I got a little box made out of feathers. Susan got a headband made out of birch bark. This year,m she seems to have a lot of ribbon. I wonder...
    Today was warmer and the snow was crusty. I finally managed to uncover the dustbath, but it was too cold to really enjoy. Besides, Selena took over that corner to make Christmas presents. Today we got a zuccini for lunch, which tasted so good. I can't remember the last time we got food scraps. I wonder what Sal is making us for Christmas this year. Her presents are always a bit strange. Like last year, I got a headband made out of birch bark. I have no idea where she got the idea of making a headband. Perhaps from the hen across the street. There are four hens, and one of them, like Sal, is younger thanm the others, and she and Sal are "BFFs " whatever that means. I'm going to have to look that up in the dictionary.
    I am making my Christmas presents! I'm making Sunrise a hairbow. My BFF, who lives across the street, showed me how. I'm making Susan a hairbow holder. I'm making Auroura a headband with a hairbow on it. I think that will look cool. I just can't decide whether it should be pink or green. Auroura likes green better, but I have to use up all my pink ribbon some how. For Autumn I am making a star headband, which will be orange, and for Midnite, I'll paint a picture. I'm good at painting. Once I painted a picture of Susan, and she said it looked very abstract. What does abstract mean? I think it's something good. Sunrise told me to look it up in the dictionary, but I don't like doing that.

  8. [​IMG] The're so cute!!! :) I love these kind of things from a chicken's perspective.
  9. :) It's fun to write them also.

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