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    We're building a slant roof design with SunTuf roof panels, and it will slant down toward the front of the coop. I get why people don't usually do that, but the back of our coop is close to our house, and we can't slant it so rain runs off right against our foundation. So, what is the gutter solution to the runoff across the downhill end of your roof? I'd love to find a way to connect guttering or some sort of line to drain into a rainbarrel for watering the birds...or at least to avoid the mud that will likely form right in front of the coop (luckily, the doors are on the ends)...thanks for any suggestions!!
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    i've been thinking of exactly the same question. how do i catch rainwater and turn it into an auto waterer system. the only only problem is is that catching it in a barrel will not alow you to have a vacuum to dispense the water as needed. so far all i have come up with is digging a small water hole but then you end up with a mosquito breeding facility. i'm not sure if a farm supply store would have some sort of float or shutoff that would allow you to make a waterer out of an unsealed barrel.
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    As far as gutters: sure, just put up gutters, you know? [​IMG] Or if you feel that house-type gutters are disproportionately large and would look funny, you *can* (if you really want) make 2 lengthwise cuts on PVC pipe of suitable diameter to make it into a trough. Cap one end, use the other for a fitting to a downspout, and there ya go.

    As far as using roof water for chickens: remember there are health issues when using a cistern for drinking water, even if it is dark and mosquitoes are excluded. But if you still want to, you can buy auto waterer systems that are specifically designed for gravity feed (which is what this is), set that up and there ya go [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Apr 7, 2009
    you could also have it pour in a rain barrel and use it for watering flowers and such. thats what i plan on doing
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    Feb 17, 2009
    the gutter would be easy if you have a facia board to attach too. i was going to do the rain barrel thing but after reading on the subject and considering the actual amount of water the birds need i thought it better not to use rainwater. my BIL has a gutter machine and will roll me out a couple for the coop and attached shed when i'm ready. i'd rather divert that water away from the coop and run.
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    A regular toilet float valve could be used to control flow.........Pop
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    Quote:This is on my seemingly endless "to do" list for this spring. With a big barrell it would have to have the rain gutter feeding in but the barrel still has to be covered, an overflow spout, and a tap at the bottom for the water to come out. I'd love to see an example of using a toilet float if anyone has done this.
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    Apr 7, 2009
    I'm planning on putting a 55 food grade drum at the back of my coop. I will have some herb beds in my run and I'd like to use the water in the rain barrel to water the flower bed. I learned my lesson last year when we planted a small patch of corn and it went bad because we had a dry spell and ran out of rain water. Pumpkins didn't fare so well either.

    I think it will a nice way to keep some fresh herbs or veggies around for the girls. And I can always use it for other watering purposes also.
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    A photo of your setup would help, too.
    I collect rainwater for the garden behind the coop.
    It's screened against mosquitoes.
    You can buy or make rain barrels , we've done both.
    Be aware that the vinyl roofing may shoot water out during heavy rain, you need to experiment with the angle before installing gutters. We have it on our run and decided against gutters because the water come out far enough wawy from the base.
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    Jul 25, 2008
    I have a rainwater barrel on a downspout. A soacker hose is attatched to it and waters the flowerbeds.

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