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    Mar 24, 2018
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    Hey everyone!!! Below is my most recent build, so follow along, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post.

    I, like so many others here started out with a few balls of fluff last spring, So i built them a raised 4x8 coop. Then chicken math happened.... if 6 are great, 12 more is the natural progression, right? 32sq feet definitely not going to work for an additional dozen, so between ideas from BYC and my own ideas, the new Supa Coopa was born.

    This is their original home. Simple 4x8, windows, roost, nesting boxes. Nothing fancy, but it did a great job. Even with 3 days of -25 this winter, the girls were safe and warm. No drafts and good ventilation is something you will read over and over.

    I spent some time, drawing every aspect, floors, stud layout, roof pitch, interior design. I decided on 8x12 with a 3/12 roof pitch.
    Here is the framing of the floor. 2x4 12"OC with 7/16 OSB covering. 4X4 posts all notched to support what I figured should be 3000-3500 lb structure.

    While not in the above photo, I also installed a doubled up 2x6x12 beam also supported by notched 4x4s spanning the with of the coop. 8' span is really beyond the "feel good" capabilities of 2x4 lumber, and while not carrying a lot of weight, this will be a walk in coop and I do not want to feel spongy under foot. Or, just could have went with 2x6......go 2x6.
    Now, flooring is installed. Nail spacing is 12" on the joists, and 6" on the perimeter.
    Next, the walls go up. All walls were built in the garage and moved out when it was time. If you lay everything out on paper first, you can do a cut list, and assembly goes so much faster.
    Ahhhh Roof rafters. If you are afraid to cut roof rafters, you are not alone. This is what some call a slope, or skillion roof. Simple to lay out, and cutting the bird's mouths is easy if yo take your time and measure 4x then cut. Once you get it right, use the 1st one as a template.
    Time for siding. I purchased the Home Depot brand of "smart siding" It was @ $22 sheet, cuts easy, and come pre primed.
    By now, this thing is solid, and installing the 7/16 OSB is easy. Climb right up there without any movement from the structure. Stagger the joints. 1st sheet was a full one, then a 4' x4', next row starts with a 4'x4' followed by a full sheet, continue until finished. I nailed every 8" using a chalk line for accuracy. Now is also when I installed a fascia board to the end of the rafters. This is where the rain gutter will be attached.
    Drip edge, flashing, #30 roofing paper, and shingles.
    I got the windows from craigslist for $20ea. Now, ya'll heard about the Craiglist Killer? Yeah, i think I bought from him. Scary as heck, but I got Anderson double panes for $20. The 2 doors are for cleanout under the roosts.
    Side view with an egg door and man door. All will be trimmed with 1x4 once we decide on a color scheme.
    Front view with again, 2 windows and the pop door. We added an 8x12 covered area off the front for additional shade and rain protection. The front faces East, so they get the morning sun to start dropping butt nuggets. :)
    Inside is simple, nesting boxes, and roosts. They wanted a Picasso for the roost, but the wife said no. The other side without bedding is for the new girls moving in this week.
    And finally, their run. 30x30 with the covered area and under coop, gives a total of 1100 sq'. sooooooooo thats enough for 100 birds, right:celebrate

    I know someone is going to ask how much...
    Lumber/ Roofing / Siding - $860
    Windows - $80
    Porch roof was from the old coop, but was probably $200
    Post/Rail fence - Reused from old coop - $400
    Wire Fencing Reused- $130
    Im guessing about another $200 in gutters, and trim

    This was a solid 3 weekend job 10 hrs a day by myself, so if you have a helper, 2-3 days, but I did all the planning, cut lists, and did not start construction until I had everything on site ready to go.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own set up.
  2. Ducksandchickens

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    Apr 24, 2018
    North Western Ohio
    Such a cool coop
  3. JDN

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    Feb 28, 2018
    Raleigh NC
    Awesome. My compliments, puts mine to shame!
  4. staceyj

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    Jan 1, 2017
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    Congratulations on a BIG job BEAUTIFULLY done.
    Safe to say you’ve knocked it out of the park and built almost everyone’s dream coop.
    Also you have a gorgeous setting.
    Lucky birds indeed.
  5. JDN

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    Feb 28, 2018
    Raleigh NC
    Did you get those plans from the LSU or NDSU ag school website?
  6. NonnasBabies

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    Very nice!! :thumbsup
  7. playsnfire

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    I drew the plans, but inspiration came from many sources.
  8. Wagnit09

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    Mar 21, 2018
    Very nice. I used to wonder if I was going overboard with my coop and run designs (16x20 run & 10x12 coop/storage area). But posts like yours make me realize I'm just normal. Lol.

    Question for you: since you have an open run, how do you deter aerial predators?
  9. playsnfire

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    I have read on here "Plan for what you need, then double it." So true. The more room you have the happier the birds IMO. Plus I can still add more next spring. :)

    As far as those pesky predators, we do see the occasional hawk, but they are far and few between. Am I jinxing myself by saying we have not had any issues, most likely, but we have been lucky. The way our property is, there are mostly fields and pastures, so between the mice, rabbits, and other small creatures, the hawks have plenty of other things to eat. When something does fly overhead, the girls will usually run under the coop for cover. Am I risking it, yes, but I feel the risk is small.
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    Ab-so-lutley!! Both of 'em!

    NEPA=North East Pennsylvania?

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