Super aggressive pecking leading to injuries!

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  1. sixchicks

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    Jul 21, 2010
    I posted a few days ago with a question about my RIR with an injured comb. Followed advice and separated my injured hen during the day. I put her back in the coop each night because I live in the woods and don't have a second cage that is predator proof. When I put her back in the coop tonight, one of my Australorps aggressively pecked at her comb and made it bleed. I had coated her injured wattle with Black Salve (meant to deter pecking) Obviously, the RIR is the lowest in pecking order but is it usual for the other hens to be super aggressive? Would getting a rooster help curb the hen's aggressive behavior? I could not find the Blu Kote at my local feed store.

    Is this all normal and what should I do next?[​IMG]
  2. Oven Ready

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    May 9, 2010
    It's not normal for them to be so aggressive but sometimes the whole flock decides that one chicken must go and they pick on it mercilessly.
    If it's only one chicken doing the pecking, I think the problem might lie with that particular chicken, not the victim.
    I would take out the aggressor and see what happens to the 'victim' tonight. If she gets left alone, then you might need to consider the value of the aggressor to your flock.

    Someone's got to be bottom of the pecking order, but they don't usually get attacked for it.

    Could your RIR have some problem that the chickens can see but you can't (yet). They are quick to pick on the weak.
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    Maybe peepers would help? egg cartons sell them
  4. teach1rusl

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    I agree with both previous posts. Pinless Peepers may work. But first you could try isolating the "bully" hen for 2-3 days. Borrow a large dog crate from someone and keep her in there (w/food & water of course). Sometimes that knocks the bully down a few pegs. But if it doesn't, then pinless peepers may be the way to go. Or if several others in the flock are doing it too, and you don't do the pinless peepers, you may have to rehome the picked on hen; she may have a better chance with a milder flock.
  5. sixchicks

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Thanks for everyone's input. I have the picked on hen isolated right now! She's my best layer and has the best personality out of all of the chickens!!!! I'll try your suggestions! Anyone have an idea of why the imbalance in the coop happened? Everything was harmonious before.

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