Super broody hens - White Leghorn/Jersey Giant x 3 - East TN

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    I have 3 White Leghorn/Jersey Giant cross hens who keep going broody! 2 of the 3 have already raised a small batch of babies....and now the 3rd hen has a baby of her own and the other two are sitting on eggs again.

    I also have a 4th who is blind in one eye, same cross....who is currently finishing up raising 4 babies. I will be keeping her but wanted to point her out as for some reason this cross is VERY BROODY.

    When they are not broody they lay light brown/beige eggs and are very good layers. They are just under a year old.

    One girl is to the left in this picture.

    The two white speckled girls to the back right...they coparented with a barred cochin girl.

    I assume selling and moving them will break their broodiness but they should come around again in a bit. They are also GREAT broodies. Aggressively defend their even was attacked by a hawk and survived without any injuries.

    They are about the size and build of a RIR hen. Bigger than a regular leghorn but smaller than a Jersey Giant. All are white with black spots....

    Pick-up in East TN, Loudon, Lenoir City or West Knoxville TN.

    Will be driving up to Lexington, KY 8/14 and can meet off the 75 along the way. Will be driving to Inman, SC on 8/21 and can meet off the 40 along the way.
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